Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friend Help:

Am I being a good friend? How can I tell without asking her?

I made this up to find that out for sure.

Friendship- A person who loves and respects another person
Uphold- To give support to
Love- Wanting good to come for another; to love
Faithful- Trustworthy; loyal
Integrity- Completely honest (to a comfortable point)
Law- She must follow Gods Law (ten commandments) 

If you are even 50% of these things, then your most definitely a good friend.  
But does your friend follow these things? I'm not calling your friend mean, but if she doesn't follow all these things, expecially the "God" part, then you should help her become Christian. Or if she is a Christian, help her get to know the ten commandments, maybe she'll  be interested in change. But first talk to God to see if he can help you so you don't mess up your friendship.
 Have a great week!
God Bless, Amy

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