Sunday, October 26, 2014

Un-Becoming Like The Enemy//Part One//Week 42

 There are people in this world that I would consider my enemy, based on how they've treated me in the past. I've let go of the grudges I held against them, forgave them for the (mental) hurt they caused me, of course though the thought still stings. My (mental) wounds still bleed from time-to-time, due to different memories of the moment that have been triggered.
 Not long after I forgave this person did I find another people like her. And another, and another, and so on. It kind of made me paranoid. I've noticed, though, that its more out of habit for them to do this rather than choice. I'm sure that she regrets talking to me that way just as much as I wish it never happened. Which is quite often the case.
 The weirdest this is though, I'm related to someone like her.
 It was a little creepy.
 And without moving closer to my family I would have never known she was like that. And if it weren't for the first person hurting me in that way, I would have ruined the relationship between me and my aunt. See what God did there? Yep, he's a smart one. Very tricky. Never would have guessed it at the time.
 But now that I know, I'm thankful that God put her in my life. Just when I thought it was all over, turns out, it was only the beginning.

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