Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time for an Interview II (Week 45)

Hi there! My name is Brittney Johnson and I am just an ordinary girl in love with my Savior. I have a blog entitled: Daughter of the King

Why is praying so important to you?

I believe that prayer has the power to change the unchangeable and make the impossible possible. God's word is how God speaks to us, and prayer is how we speak to God! Unfortunately I think most of us don't pray as much as it is needed. Prayer is a powerful thing!

What do you usually pray about?

My family, my own spiritual growth, friends, missionaries, any special prayer requests, and for the lost to be reached fro Christ.
Why is it so important to you to go to church every Sunday?   
Not only is regular church attendance biblical but it's also essential to Christian growth. Not only does the preaching convict and encourage us but it gives us an opportunity to fellowship with other believers.

When did you first become a follower of Christ?

I was saved when I was five years old. I then surrendered my life to Christ at age fourteen.

Who was it that helped you to know Christ?

My parents and Sunday School teachers

What do you do to show Jesus' love?

I try to serve him faithfully but I think that no matter how much we try to love him we will never be able to show him as much love as he has for us. His love for me is the reason I love him. I would be nothing without him. I can't brag on the love that I show for Him but about the love he shows for me.

How will you show Jesus' love in the future?

 I hope to serve God with my life by being fully serving him by being a servant. Not only to him but to others also. The best way we can love others is by showing them how much Christ loves them!

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