Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Modesty- Shorts- This Ones For The Girls

I recently read a blog post about how short shorts should be. At first I was kind of disappointed with what they said because I thought my length of shorts was long enough, but who wouldn't be upset about that? Anyways, it said your shorts should be about two inches up from your knee. So the "shorts" their talking about is like mini capris. That's almost two times the length of my shorts now!

So the next time I wore my shorts, I paid attention to everything. And guess what? When I sat down, they scrunched up to an inappropriate length. So, it took me a while, but I finally agreed with what they said in that post. I want to be God's little girl, and the first line of business is perfecting modesty. You may be thinking, how can changing my clothes help me in my relationship with God? Well it can, and I'll tell you why.

God only wants what's best for you and me, and this is the best place to start. God made your body for your husbands eyes only. Not for everyone to see. When I walk down the street and I see a girl wearing shorts too short, I shun them. But not on purpose! I try to be nice but it's hard to not look at those spots when passing people, and it's even harder to talk to them. Girls, that's not how to get attention!

Being modest doesn't mean you have to wear ugly clothes, it doesn't mean you have to wear skirts all the time (unless you want to), and it certainly doesn't mean you have to cover your entire body like a body shield. It just mean to cover the private parts. And they make beautiful clothes that do that!



Brittney Johnson said...

Very good post Amy! It's so good that you strive to be modest :) so many girls have lost sight of that nowadays

Amy said...

Thank you so much Brittney! That means a lot :-)

Tinyde said...

Your post is so true! Many more young girls need to here read this post. It is so sad to see know were fashion and modesty have gone.....

thnx again

Tinyde said...

oh and also if you still have the link could a read the page you read?? (about the short pants)

Amy said...

Hey Tinyde! I was looking for the link but I think the blog I found it on was deleted. :-/ I'm so sorry about that, I thought I'd be able to find it.

Thanks for commenting though! ;-)

God Bless,
<3 Jesus was my first love <3

MorningTime4 said...

This is really true. One week, I went to church camp, and a majority of us girls were wearing either jeans or shorts. I did wear shorts that were the appropriate length, but all of the other girls who did wear shorts, they wore shorts too short! I honestly agree with you about the modesty of clothing. Nice post!

xoxo Morning