Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 21

I know these challenges haven't been what they used to be, and I'm sorry. This is easier for me though, since I'm still learning too. But hopefully someday I will go back to daily challenges, and those challenges will be real challenges again. I hope these new challenges work out well for all of you too. Thank you so much for understanding. :-) And here is a poem I wrote, hope you like it.

I am a servant of the Lord,
My job is to be patient,
To encourage others to love Him,
And to help the Lord's people when they need it,
But patience is exactly what I need.

Is there ever a servant who can give me patience,
Is there ever a servant who can help a poor lost one like myself,
Maybe a servant is not whom I should seek,
But the Lord, King of all, could help me.

Yes, yes it is Him who I must go to,
It is He who I can trust,
For he has helped my ancestors,
So I know He will help me.

-Amy Kathleen

This weeks challenge is to pray. I know, you've done it a million time before, how will this somehow be different than any other time. Well, this weeks challenge isn't just to pray, but to really pray. Pour out your hearts to the Lord, it's all He's ever asked for. :-)

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