Thursday, November 7, 2013

Raindrops on a Sunny Day

The Lord smelled the pleasing aroma and said in his heart: "Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done. As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." Genesis 8:21-22
Day after day I'm more confused. Looking back at my life and wondering "Why did that ever happen?" And yet, I have no answer. Is that because there is no reason? Of course there is a reason. God has a reason for everything, even if you don't understand it now, you will soon. I have to keep reminding myself of that too. There is a reason for everything. Maybe if I set a reminder for it to go off every ten minutes I'll remember. But of course, I never read the reminders I set on my IPod. So that won't work.
Speaking of reminders, remember the bible story about Noah? He built the ark at God's command. He got funny faces from his neighbors, but boy did he show them. The rain came, and the waters were rising quickly. The rain lasted for about forty days. And 150 days after that (forgive me if I'm wrong), but with no rain. Soon the dry land came into view and they then unpacked the ark. God came to them and promised He will never flood the entire earth again. And as a reminder He gave us the rainbow.
How great is that, right? Well, when the rainbow comes after the rain, do you remember? Not usually. Make it a goal to remember to thank God every time you see a rainbow. That is how I start a habit.
So maybe that's how I can remember that there is a reason for everything. I am going to try to make it a habit, when I look out the window, and see the seasons changing, I am going to remember reason. Because reason and season rhyme. It may not work because I look out the window a lot, but it's worth a shot. After all, I wouldn't mind remembering there is a reason for everything all the time. :-) Try it with me. Then you can comment and tell me how it went for you, also comment and tell me if you made a habit of remembering something, just by looking at something. Maybe I can try things your way too.
"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith..."
Hebrews 12:2

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